AfricaGiving and Shared Responsibility

Last week on Friday, we ( launched our 2023 signature initiative-AfricaGiving ( It has been a long and challenging but exciting journey to get here and there is still a long journey ahead.

Lessons from the Previous Elections in Zimbabwe

Zimbabweans went to the polls in August 2023 and the ruling party’s candidate was declared the winner. There were contestations. The SADC electoral observer mission raised several issues regarding the administration of the polling process.

A difficult moment for democracy: There is hope Part 2

According to Freedom House democracy has been in recession for the past 15 years globally. A bit concerning for many of us. Admittedly democracy is not necessarily the ideal framework of governance, but it is the best we have to date

Democracy: There is hope!

There is talk among many that democracy is under threat, and we are in a period of increasing authoritarianism around the globe. There is widespread evidence of the challenges confronting the prevailing and widely accepted political and governance mechanisms.

From Ephemeral to Perennial pools: Negotiating Shifts in African Philanthropy Practice

In a previous article[1], I used the analogy of ephemeral pools of water that develop during the rainy season to describe a particular characteristic of African philanthropy. In that analogy, I argued that African philanthropy usually tends to emerge as an ad-hoc response to a societal challenge be it a funeral, spread of a disease, drought, or a natural disaster like a flood.

What do Zimbabweans Want?

There is a raging debate on social media platforms surrounding Winky D and Holy Ten’s song ‘Ibotso’. In the song the musician raises issues to do with social injustices that perpetuate inequality, where the taller(strong) ones forcibly grab resources from the short (weak) ones. It’s a song that can be played in almost any country and it would resonate with the plight of the downtrodden.

Rumors and Undertones of Political Dialogue: Are We Headed for Talks?

Evidence suggests that the current silo and expert based approaches towards public policy making, coupled with polarisation, have combined to yield an under-performing economy characterized by tensions, lack of trust in public institutions and processes and mutual suspicion from both state and non-state parties.

My Reflections on the Policy and Advocacy Lab

What comes into your mind when you hear the term advocacy? In my case, whenever I explain my work to people, they always ask if I am now a politician. I have come to realise that most people associate advocacy with politics. Then again, everything is political. Prior to joining SIVIO Institute, I envisioned advocacy as something to do with high profile individuals sharing petitions online, activists staging demonstrations outside government buildings and media sharing their stories

To Compensate or Not to – A Discussion Note

On the 29th of July 2020, the Government of Zimbabwe (GoZ) announced that it had finalized a compensation agreement with the former large-scale commercial farmers whose land was compulsorily acquired by government through the Fast Track Land Reform Program (FTLRP) of 2001. In the announcement government clarified that the compensation was for improvements on the farms and not the land.