My Reflections on the Policy and Advocacy Lab

What comes into your mind when you hear the term advocacy? In my case, whenever I explain my work to people, they always ask if I am now a politician. I have come to realise that most people associate advocacy with politics. Then again, everything is political. Prior to joining SIVIO Institute, I envisioned advocacy as something to do with high profile individuals sharing petitions online, activists staging demonstrations outside government buildings and media sharing their stories

I Still Struggle

I have since 2009 been blessed with a job which entails a lot of travelling all over Africa and other parts of the world but I still struggle with travel. No not about turbulence, none of that, I struggle with the idea of leaving my family behind even if it’s for a week- sound spoilt right. For years I thought I would come to a day where I am comfortable with the idea of leaving my family behind but it hit me today that such a day would change me for the worst.

It’s Implementation Stupid- The Power to Follow Through

I have always wondered what makes individuals and institutions successful- not once off but consistently. So like any other good student of success I have read a number of books. Others have claimed the need for a certain kind leadership styles/skills/levels, others have raised the need for emotional intelligence, others the importance of setting good goals and targets.

Falling in Love Again: Reconnecting with Purpose 1

One of the most difficult challenges any individual confronts is doing things that they do not love. I have always felt blessed in that area… I love effortlessly. I love my wife, my daughter, my extended family in my own way- and I am comfortable with how I relate with all the people that matter in my life.

Management Lessons from Everyday Life

It has been a while since I got time to make an entry into my blog. But something I noticed/picked in an everyday mundane conversation at home just fueled me to write. I overheard a conversation between our Gardener/electrician/plumber and Dalitso’s nanny who also doubles up as the chef which was essentially the stuff for boardrooms

On Being Complicit

The above words ‘…this is what is there’ or just ndzivo zviripo were used to help explain a very uncomfortable situation that we found ourselves in when we were visiting close family. The temperatures were very high, it was humid and also mosquitoes were having a feast on ‘new blood’.

On Age and Responsibility

How do you tell you are getting old- white hair or just sheer forgetfulness? I have seen signs of both recently but never really took notice of their significance until a recent humbling encounter which forms the subject of this blog. I walked into an interview room of one of the most prominent embassies recently and the room was full of eager faces of all ages with a desire to secure the all-important document.