AfricaGiving and Shared Responsibility

Last week on Friday, we ( launched our 2023 signature initiative-AfricaGiving ( It has been a long and challenging but exciting journey to get here and there is still a long journey ahead.

From Ephemeral to Perennial pools: Negotiating Shifts in African Philanthropy Practice

In a previous article[1], I used the analogy of ephemeral pools of water that develop during the rainy season to describe a particular characteristic of African philanthropy. In that analogy, I argued that African philanthropy usually tends to emerge as an ad-hoc response to a societal challenge be it a funeral, spread of a disease, drought, or a natural disaster like a flood.

Ephemeral Philanthropy – A Discussion Note

When it rains small pools of water are formed. These pools can last a day, a week, a month or a couple of months. They are largely temporary or seasonal and are mostly referred to as ephemeral pools. Life in the form of plants, little creatures exist in these pools, some visible and some invisible. A number of studies have since been carried out to understand the different life forms that emerge which coexist on these pools.